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Valenti Homes started in 1983, almost 40 years ago in beautiful Southeastern Louisiana. However, our history starts much before that. Jay Valenti, owner of Valenti Homes was born in 1958 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Raised in a family of 7, Jay was the only son and the last in the long line of children.

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We at Valenti Homes use the finest building materials and many of the latest innovations that are new to the building trade from the foundation all the way to the roof. Most of Valenti Homes suppliers and subcontractors have been working with us for well over a decade. Using quality state of the art materials and implementing them correctly by using quality subcontractors has always been part of our business model. “You’re only as good as the people and materials that you use”. Valenti Homes is very grateful to have long established subcontractors and suppliers that are well respected in the building industry. Cutting corners is not in our DNA. Homeowners can rest assured that quality materials and laborers are used to create their home.

Wooden House



The importance of family is very important to Jay, so much so, that his desires to have a large family have been realized by having a family of 9. This emphasis on family is an asset to those who would purchase a home from Jay because he does not just look at building homes as a job, but rather as the beginning of a relationship with people in particular, and families as a whole. Families live in our homes. Families raise their children in our homes. Families build memories in our homes. Families extend hospitality in our homes. Because the home is ground zero of the life of a family, it is our desire and responsibility to build our homes in such a way that these things that are so near and dear to the family are done in a home that will accentuate the experience of raising a family.


One of the objectives of Jay and Valenti Homes is not just to build quality homes, but to build lasting relationships. Jay has purposed to build hundreds of homes for over the 35 years for his siblings, relatives, inlaws, high school friends, parents of children he coached , his pastor, his neighbors as well as total strangers. Relationships are important to Jay and it is important to build his customers homes in such a way that these homes are well built and well serviced in such a way that it adds to and strengthens those relationships. Jay lived in Louisiana in the same home for 21 years and has twice built homes directly across the street from his own home and lived in the neighborhood for 20 plus years with many of his customers. In 2010 , Jay had the privilege to build a home for one of his neighbors that burned to the ground from a lightning strike.



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What drives a person all hinges on what they believe. It is Valenti Homes utmost desire to build sound quality homes with integrity, honesty and first and foremost, in a way that pleases the Lord Jesus Christ. We build for people from all walks of life who believe all types of things and we are grateful for that privilege. We desire that and attempt to be a good reflection of what we believe and in Whom we serve. This is our goal.


A sample of some of our homes we have built over the years



"Mr Valenti maintains a reputation in the community as a builder of quality custom and speculative homes... I have know Mr. Valenti to be a man of integrity and would offer my experience with him a recommendation.."

- Pamela S. Brown

Senior Vice President 

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